Sunday, 23 September 2012

Valencia: A Spanish city without medicine


Why is Spain Broke, lets look at Valencia and see..

"The Route of Waste, projects Valencia built in the good times”

  1. There is the Formula One racetrack, which runs right through the city so the roads had to be redesigned. But the city has lost its Formula One race.
  2. There is the America's Cup dock, with huge sheds for ocean-going yachts and a massive white control tower. But there is no more America's Cup racing in Valencia.
  3. There is the Opera House, a cross between the one in Sydney and something you would imagine only in your more disturbed dreams - 400 million euros to build, 40 million a year to run - 15 performances a year.
  4. The airport that has never seen a single plane land.
  5. The theme park built in a place where the summer heat rises above 40C (104F).
  6. The land bought at premium prices that is now worthless.

have you got stories of waste of money on a national scale e-mail us.

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