Friday, 12 October 2012

Gadget Digest: iPad 4G, the world’s smartest smart TV and the Sony PS3 returns

Gadget Digest: iPad 4G, the world’s smartest smart TV and the Sony PS3 returns

It’s been another busy week in gadget gossip. We’ve seen all sorts of new gizmos roll off the factory line and onto our wishlists – so many, we wouldn’t blame you if you struggled to keep count. Luckily, we’re here to break them down for you into easy to swallow tech titbits: read on for this week’s Gadget Digest.

Android happenings

The iPhone 5 is out and clearing house, but the Google Android-powered rivals keep coming through thick and fast still. The rumours of an LG Nexus 4 super phone are reaching a crescendo, and there’s even talk of a release date this month. Meanwhile, Samsung outed the Galaxy S3 Mini, a smaller version of its Android phone, while HTC’s mid-range rival, the Desire X, hit shops shelves.

Smart TVs get smarter

Smart TVs got a few more IQ points this week courtesy of a couple of new launches. Spotify’s unlimited music streaming service arrived on Samsung TVs, complete with a free month’s trial worth a tenner, while Bang & Olufsen hit back once more with the world’s slickest, and perhaps also priciest, internet telly.

Tablet attack

Lots of tasty tablet gossip hit this week too. While the iPad Mini failed to show, we did get word that the next iPad will work on UK 4G super speed networks, while on the Android side of things, a new report suggested a £60 Google Nexus tablet is on the way.

Sony strikes back

We’re still waiting on that elusive PlayStation 4, but in the meantime, Sony’s seen fit to bless us with a newer, slimmer PS3, and this week, we set loose our full review of the console. Be sure to check it out if you’re still sitting on the console fence: while the software is ace, it’s not quite the cost cutting exercise we were hoping for.

Behind the scenes with Prometheus

Last but not least, the biggest film of the year for gadget fiends, Prometheus, hit Blu-ray. We went behind the scenes to find out more about the making of it: does the plot make any more sense now? 

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