Saturday, 13 October 2012

iPad 4G on the way to the UK!


iPad 4G on the way to the UK!

The iPad Mini is believed to be just around the corner, but it’s not the only tablet Apple has in the works right now. According to sources, a new full size iPad is on the way, packing the new Lightning connector and 4G that’ll work in the UK.

The Guardian reports this week that the smaller iPad MIni will, like its Android-powered rivals, only pack Wi-Fi for internet cruising, and no 3G, in order to keep the price down. But sources also indicated that a new full size iPad is on the way, with the same 4G chip and smaller docking port as the iPhone 5.

Why’s this important? The third generation iPad that launched earlier this year does offer 4G speeds in the US, but it doesn’t work with any 4G frequencies in the UK. But this new iPad would support the super fast 1800MHz 4G Everything Everywhere is pushing live at the end of this month.

That, combined with a new port to support the same accessories as the iPhone 5 could make a bigger iPad worth waiting on. But when will we see it? The report doesn’t say, but based on Apple’s previous launches, we’d say spring next year is a good bet.

Would you wait on a 4G iPad? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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