Friday, 12 October 2012

mobile Apps For Your Business


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If your business is not mobile now, it will be someday soon – or you will lose out to those businesses that are.

Promote your Business and Build Loyalty

It's incredible how fast mobile browsing has gone from something very clunky, to something we all do. Here are just 3 stats that show how fast our behaviour is changing due to this evolving technology:

a, 40% of mobile phone owners now say their phone is “the most important device for accessing the internet” – something that looked very unlikely just a couple of years ago.
b, Alongside that, 42% of us regularly use social networks via our phones, 51% watch video clips, and 51% use our phones to read email.
c, One in five of us use our phones to research products while watching TV.

Whereas desktop and laptop browsing is an activity in itself, many of us use tablets and mobile devices alongside other activities. We are more likely to purchase via mobile at weekends and tablet owners tend to shop while watching TV at home.

Mobile commerce is predicted to grow 39% each year from now until 2016.


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