Sunday, 11 November 2012

Android 4.2 updates, the PlayStation 4, Xbox Surface and much more


Android 4.2 updates, the PlayStation 4, Xbox Surface and much more: Gadget Digest

It’s been another epic week in gadgetry and gaming, and we wouldn’t blame you for struggling to keep up with it all. It’s just as well we’re here to do that for you: read on for our round-up of all the hottest stories of the week, here in the Gadget Digest.

Souped up smartphones

It’s been a busy week in all things Android. Google’s new version of its smartphone operating system, 4.2, is barely a week old, but it appears it’s already heading to the Samsung Galaxy S3 super phone. Not to be outdone, we started seeing the first signs that HTC’s incredible full HD phone, the HTC J Butterfly, is making the leap from Japan to the West.

Next-gen consoles

Microsoft’s got a new Xbox on the way, but it’s not what you think. It’s actually a tablet, according to sources, and it’ll run touchscreen games much like an iPad – but as we revealed in our feature, Microsoft’s no stranger to this form of handheld gaming. Meanwhile, we pulled together our wishlist of must-have features inside the Sony PS4: is there anything else you’d like to see?

Smart TV

Over on the smart TV front meanwhile, Google turned up the heat on Apple TV a little with the addition of movie and TV streaming on Google TV boxes in the UK. Virgin meanwhile took on its arch-rival Sky by releasing its TV Anywhere service for laptops, computers and iPhone and iPad. But as we found out, it has a few catches.

Games galore

While all the big tech for Christmas has already been announced, things are only just getting started on the gaming side of things. On mobile, Angry Birds Star Wars touched down and we checked out the bizarre Curiosity cube, which holds a life-changing prize for someone within. Over in console land, we also took a gander at Need For Speed: Most Wanted, and set loose our full review of Halo 4. Has it been worth the wait?

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