Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Grand Theft Auto 5: Three new characters and more revealed!


Grand Theft Auto 5: Three new characters and more revealed!

Rockstar Games revealed last week that Grand Theft Auto 5 is due for release next Spring, and even put it up for pre-order for eager games. But a new report has spilled the beans on much more about the latest instalment in the blockbuster shoot-drive-open world game series. Want all the juicy gossip? We’ve got it right here.

The latest issue of Game Informer magazine has a huge feature on Grand Theft Auto 5 and what to expect. The big change this time round is with the ability to play as three different characters: Michael, a former bank robber who knows how to pull off a heist, Trevor, a gangster, and Franklin, the young employee of a crooked second-hand car dealership.

You’ll be able to switch between the three characters at will, and the map zooms out and in to reveal where they are in the city. They go about their daily lives when you’re not playing as them, so you could be surprised by where they end up, according to the mag.

The Grand Theft Auto 5 game world is also said to be absolutely vast. Though it’s set only in the city of Los Santos, rather than the whole wider fictional state of San Andreas as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was, Rockstar says it’s the biggest open world game they’ve ever made, and even bigger than the maps of Red Dead Redemption, GTA 4 and San Andreas combined.”

It certainly sounds epic. We’re still yet to hear any details about the multiplayer options in Grand Theft Auto 5 though, which could make it even more exciting. We’ll have those for you as soon as we can, but in the meantime, get stuck in in the comments below. Are you going to be playing Grand Theft Auto 5?


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