Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas 2012: The smart TVs with the apps you’ll actually use


Christmas 2012: The smart TVs with the apps you’ll actually use

There’s still time to stock up on tech prezzies before Christmas, but if you’re not sure which, don’t worry: help is at hand. In today’s gift guide, we’re looking at the smart TVs with the best apps to suit your needs – or whoever you’re buying for. Read on, and we’ll break them down for you.

What’s on Samsung?

Samsung’s smart TV platform might just be the most advanced out there, simply because it’s taken a leaf out of Apple’s iPhone App Store book and outsourced to developers. Instead of taking ages to make each new service itself, its app store is open to others, and as a result filled with must-have apps from YouTube to BBC iPlayer and Lovefilm. You can even find games (Angry Birds) and music (Spotify) on board: if it’s breadth of content you want, look no further than a Samsung smart TV.

Easy set up with Sony

Sony’s Internet TV platform lacks the app smarts of Samsung, but the complete package out of the box and ready to go might tempt you: from YouTube to Skype via BBC’s useful News and Sports apps, you’ll find lots on here ready to go. And because Sony smart TVs have Wi-Fi as standard, you won’t have to mess around with Wi-Fi cables or rejig your entire living room so your flatscreen is near your router. Go this way if you’re already in the Sony eco-system: its Music Unlimited service for mobile also works like a dream on its smart TVs too.

Movies with LG

If you’re a movie buff, LG smart TVs are the way to go. You won’t find as many TV catch up services built in, but you will find Lovefilm, Netflix, Blinkbox and Acetrax (think a la carte streaming rentals, rather than subscription) on there: right now, you even get £50 worth of Acetrax rentals when you buy an LG smart TV. LG’s service lacks the apps of rival Samsung, but when it comes to input it’s more than smart: you can use your phone as a remote, or even just gestures and voice using built in motion control.

The one under your TV already

If you can’t stomach the price tags of any smart TVs, don’t worry: the chances are you’ve already got one already, you just don’t know it. You can use everything from your phone to a Nintendo Wii to pipe through internet video on demand: we’ve got a handy guide on just how to do that right here

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