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Christmas 2012: The top tablets in every price range!


Christmas 2012: The top tablets in every price range!

Christmas is looming, but if you’re confused as to what to tech to treat your family to this December 25th, help is at hand. In today’s gift guide, we’re looking at the best tablets in every price category, meaning you’re bound to find the perfect one for you, whatever your budget.

Under £100

Look, we’re not going to lie: there’s a reason the likes of Apple and Samsung don’t sell tablets for under £100. By and large, they’re awful. If you’ve got your heart set on spending no more though, Storage Options’s £95 7-inch tablet is the way to go: for under a ton you get a responsive capacitive touchscreen and Android 4.0. It’s handy for video and casual websurfing, but lacks the premium finish of pricier competitors.

Under £200

You’re spoiled for choice in this price bracket, with top tier Android tablets like the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and super-sharp Nook HD kicking it at around the £159 level. But both are locked to their own app stores: you’re much better off with the superb, speedy Google Nexus 7, which runs slick and smooth Android Jelly Bean with no limitations. If you want a 3G connection too, try the Lenovo-made Vodafone Smart Tab 2, which starts at just £149.99 on pay as you go.

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Under £300

If you’re prepared to spend up to £300, Apple’s entry level Wi-Fi iPad mini is a no brainer: as we said in our review, it feels like the proper iPad now. It’s much more portable, but can handle just about everything its bigger 9.7-inch brothers can too. And Apple’s app store is unsurpassed when it comes to quality tablet apps. Want something bigger? The 9.5-inch Nook HD+ is just £229, though like its smaller brother, limited to the apps on Nook app store only.

Under £400

Easy. 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad. It’s fast, phenomenal, and on the bleeding edge of tech with its crispy Retina Display – and it’s just £399. If you know you’re an Android fan, you could go for the £319, super sharp Google Nexus 10, but stock is hard to come by: it’s not a given yours will turn up before Christmas if you order it through the Google Play store right now.

Money to burn

If money is no object, break the bank on an iPad or iPad mini with more storage (32GB or 64GB), or 4G super speed connectivity thrown in. Both have pricing options stretching up to £659 and £529 respectively. You could also wait for a Microsoft Surface Pro full fat Windows 8 tablet – they’re out in January, with price starting at around £560 before tax, but wait for our full review before you splash out on an untested tablet OS.

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