Friday, 21 December 2012

LG Magic Remote gives your TV Siri natural language skills!


LG Magic Remote gives your TV Siri natural language skills!

Meet the next-generation LG Magic Remote, the smart TV controller with a twist. It’s still packing all the motion control skills it had before, but now it can boss around other gadgets, and even understand natural language commands.

We’re just weeks away from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where all the gadget giants reveal their new kit for 2013, but LG has jumped the gun and announced the new LG Magic Remote early. It can now be used to control all sorts of LG home AV equipment, from your smart TV to your Blu-ray player and even your sound-bar.

The big addition however is extra voice smarts. You could already use the LG Magic Remote to command supported smart TVs to change channel, but now it understands natural language commands. You don’t have to remember a specific word or phrase to change a channel – you can just say “show me Gangnam style” and it’ll search all your smart TV apps to find the video. It’s the difference between Windows Phone’s voice commands and Siri’s ability on the iPhone to answer questions no matter how you phrase them.

The new LG Magic Remote will ship with LG’s flagshiop Cinema 3D Smart TVs, while a larger version without backlights will come bundled with its standard Cinema 3D Smart TV models. Is this the Kinect killer you were hoping for? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments

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