Monday, 17 December 2012

Microsoft Surface hits the high street at last!

Microsoft Surface hits the high street at last!

The Microsoft Surface RT tablet, Redmond’s first foray into the tablet computing world, is now available from high street retailer John Lewis, both online and in stores, just in time for Christmas. Have at you, iPad!

Shoppers dying to get their hands on Microsoft’s latest hardware don’t have long to wait, as while both 64GB and 32GB Microsoft Surface RT tablets are currently listed as out of stock on the John Lewis website, we’ve confirmed that they will be available in stores this weekend. That means those who want to get their hands on the Windows 8-toting device have a couple of days to get to a store and get their orders in.

But those waiting for the full fat Microsoft Surface Pro tablet still have a little while to go, as the Intel-powered Pro running full fat Windows 8 isn’t slated to arrive until January. The short wait should mean a greater Windows experience, as it’ll come packing a cutting-edge next-gen Core i5 chip and even greater storage space.

Is Microsoft’s Surface right up your street, or are you going with something else for your tablet fix this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!

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