Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Windows Phone 7.8 hits the Nokia Lumia 800 early!

Windows Phone 7.8 hits the Nokia Lumia 800 early! The bumper Windows Phone 7.8 update we were told was scheduled for early next year has begun rolling out a little earlier than expected. If you’re rocking a Nokia Lumia 800, you might even be able to get it this side of Christmas – read on for all the details. All About Windows Phone has received reports and screenshots showing that Nokia Lumia 800 in the Netherlands at least are getting their Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade right now. The four part update brings the new look, much more customisable home screen of Windows Phone 8 to existing Windows Phones, along with more colour themes and the option for Bing’s picture of the day to appear as your lock screen – sadly, it won’t let you run new Windows Phone 8 apps however. The Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade wasn’t expected until sometime next year: it would appear Microsoft and Nokia are testing the waters gradually, so it’s not clear when the update will hit UK updates – but we’re hoping it’s soon. It’s not just Lumia 800 owners who’ll be getting the upgrade however: as My Nokia Blog has spotted, it appears Nokia has upgrades for every single one of its phones on its servers at the moment. Not only that, but you can grab it for some of them unofficially. www.tell-me-first.com

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