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BlackBerry 10: Ten apps RIM needs to survive by


BlackBerry 10: Ten apps RIM needs to survive

BlackBerry 10 finally arrives at the end of the month, and with it an all-new app store. Reports are flying around this week that RIM is trying to dodge the bare shelves of Microsoft’s Windows Phone, with more than 15,000 apps submitted for sale in two days.

But while that figure is reassuring, not all apps are born equal. Here are the ones BlackBerry 10 needs to take off.

Google Maps

BlackBerry’s maps have always been awful, and as last year’s epic Apple Maps fail showed, they can make or break a smartphone. RIM will desperately need Google to port the class-leading digital A-Z to its new BlackBerry 10 blowers.

Chances: Google hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but Maps is one of the few current BlackBerry apps its offers. 7/10


The world’s best movie streaming service would be a welcome addition to BlackBerry 10, though RIM has confirmed you’ll be able to buy and rent films through its own store.

Chances: Nothing official yet, but Netflix aims to be on everything, so don’t be surprised. 9/10


Good news: at the very least, the top tune chucking service’s browser version will work on BlackBerry 10. Don’t hold your breath for an app designed for the small screen though.

Chances: Spotify took years to release a fully features BlackBerry app, so don’t expect anything different here 5/10

Angry Birds

Fancy flinging a few birds in between sending emails on your new BlackBerry 10 blower? Of course you do: one billion people can’t be wrong.

Chances: Rovio has a long history of bringing the world’s favourite mobile game to the neglected BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, so we’re sure BB10 will get some love. 9/10


There’s a reason Facebook slapped a cool billion dollars down for the photo sharing network last year: its users love it, and the app would help BlackBerry 10 shake off its stuffy suit image.

Chances: Windows Phone fans have been left out in the cold for years so it seems unlikely. But with Facebook in charge, perhaps things will change. 3/10


It’s BlackBerry Messenger, but not just with your BlackBerry toting-mates. WhatsApp is the SMS killer of choice for many, so we’d love to see it on a BlackBerry 10 phone with a QWERTY keyboard.

Chances: Don’t count on it. WhatsApp has already confirmed it won’t be supporting BlackBerry 10 1/10

Words With Friends

It’s not just action games we want to play: Zynga’s hit word game is a great way to pass the time, and we’re hopeful it’ll hit BlackBerry 10 at some point.

Chances: There’s no official word either way, but down on its luck Zynga could find success with a new platform. 5/10

8 Amazon Kindle

Amazon’s e-reading service works just as well on a mobile phone as its own e-readers, and is a great way to pass the time in between train stops.

Chances: Amazon makes a great effort to get its Kindle service everywhere – including current BlackBerrys. 8/10

9 Twitter

Facebook’s already been confirmed for BB10, but its rival is another matter. Twitter’s an essential on mobile, but given the social network’s bid to destroy third party apps in the last year, it may well be an official app or nothing for Blackberry 10 owners.

Chances: Rumours are rife that Twitter is built into BlackBerry 10, so expect some level of support. 7/10

10 Skype

The phone call service and instant messenger has come on leaps and bounds on mobile in the last year, and would be a perfect addition to Blackberry 10’s repertoire. Who doesn’t like free phone calls?

Chances: Skype hasn’t committed yet but with Microsoft now bankrolling it, wider support could be on the cards. 6/10

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