Monday, 21 January 2013

Games galore, Google’s new laptops, BlackBerry 10 and more:


Games galore, Google’s new laptops, BlackBerry 10 and more: Gadget Digest

The snow is falling, but not as fast as the gadget news is coming pouring on in. If you’ve not been able to keep up with it all, don’t worry: we’ve got all the biggest stories of the week rounded up for you in one place. Read on for your Gadget Digest.

Chrome OS Invasion

Last week saw a glut of new Windows 8 machines at CES, but this week, Google hit back, with several of its partners announcing new Chrome OS powered machines that cost a fraction of the price of an Ultrabook. Samsung pimped out its Chromebox desktop with newer, faster specs, while Lenovo turned heads with its very first ThinkPad running the web-based operating system. Is this the netbook replacement we’ve been dreaming of?

New games and ways to play

Gaming fans had lots to get their teeth – and fingers – into this week. We set live our full Dmc: Devil May Cry review, while the eagerly awaited Temple Run 2 dashed onto iPhone. And if you can’t wait for Nvidia’s Project Shield handheld gaming console, we took a look at the ways you can stream powerful PC games to your phone or tablet on the go right now.

RIM gears up for BB10 launch

Research In Motion’s planning to make its big smartphone comeback at the end of the month, with its BlackBerry 10 platform launch on the 30th. Ahead of the unveiling, we took a look at the apps RIM desperately needs to stand a chance against iOS, Android and Windows Phone, while we also heard that an old-school, QWERTY BlackBerry will be announced on the day.

Social networks get new skills

It’s been a big week for social networks. Facebook summoned the world’s press to its HQ to announced a brand new search engine that should have Google scared, while it slipped out something almost as important on the down-low: free phone calls for life via its Messenger app. It wasn’t just Facebook with news to share though. Remember MySpace? It came back with a bang, going live to the public with a new design and focus on music. Can it ever get back to its glory days?

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