Saturday, 26 January 2013

Samsung’s iPad mini rival, Nokia strikes back and more


Samsung’s iPad mini rival, Nokia strikes back and more: Gadget Digest

CES is just a distant memory now – and that means it’s time once more for new gadgets. They’ve been coming in thick and fast this week, and we’ve been covering them all: read on for the juiciest gizmo highlights right here in your Gadget Digest.

Samsung’s tablet plans

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is just weeks away now, and we’re expecting big things from Samsung at the show, if this week’s reports are to be believed. Not only is Samsung working on a new seven-inch tablet with a shockingly low pricetag to take on the Google Nexus 7, it’s got an eight-inch number on the way too, aimed squarely at would-be iPad mini shoppers.

A new dawn for Nokia

Nokia’s been struggling to adjust to the new world of app-tastic touchscreen smartphones, but it looks like it’s finally found its feet. It’s now making a profit once more – and this week, it confirmed it’s also finally ditched Symbian, the software that made it a giant, and brought it to its knees. We took a trip down memory lane to remember the greatest, most important Symbian phones the Finns ever made.

Samsung Galaxy S4 on the way

Apple’s likely going to keep us waiting until the end of the year for the next iPhone, but Samsung might have something much sooner: rumours are ramping up that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is just a month or two away from launch. Several sources popped up this week claiming just that – and that it’ll come with wireless charging too. Is this your next phone?

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