Sunday, 27 January 2013

Xbox 720: New name, turbo specs and a tablet revealed!



Xbox 720: New name, turbo specs and a tablet revealed!

UPDATE: Sorry guys, it’s a hoax. Pocket-lint’s source was actually an anonymous tipster. That said, more reliable publications have confirmed from multiple sources that Microsoft is indeed working on an Xbox gaming tablet, so don’t get too down.

Forget Xbox 720: it looks like Microsoft is going back in time for the name of its next-gen console, simply dubbing it ‘Xbox’ according to a new report. And that’s not all: alongside the brand new games machine, Microsoft is prepping a brand new Xbox gaming tablet too! Read on to find out all about it.

Pocket-lint claims that Microsoft’s next console will serve as a central hub to a number of devices, one of which will be called X-Surface – a tablet we’ve previously heard rumours about. It won’t run Windows 8 or Windows RT, but instead, it will be a standalone portable gaming system that can access the games, music and video hubs of the new Xbox, but won’t have any apps of its own.

At the moment, the specs of the new X-Surface are currently unknown, but it’s reportedly been spotted running Unreal Engine 3 demos at a solid, high frame rate, meaning that it’s much more beefy than your standard run-of-the-mill tablet.

The new Xbox, meanwhile will pack some major processing power with an 8-core CPU from AMD that sounds like it can run everything thrown at it – including the visually stunning Watch Dogs demo from last year’s E3. The OS onboard will have a similar look to Windows 8, but it won’t be the same software.

There’s no news on a brand new gamepad just yet, but developers have been using a current generation Xbox controller, meaning the new one may well use the same, if not, a similar layout – unlike Sony, which is believed to be working on a new gamepad with a built-in touchscreen.

We still don’t know when Microsoft will launch brand new Xbox, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do. Are you looking forward to the next-generation of gaming? Let us know in the comments

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