Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Is Samsung making a smartwatch for the Galaxy S4?


Is Samsung making a smartwatch for the Galaxy S4?

Just days after we heard that Apple is working on a smartwatch that’ll pair up with your iPhone to shove notifications to your wrist, a new report hints that Samsung is doing the very same thing for its next flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4. Read on for all the details.

SamMobile has published the names of a leaked list of accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S4 line of products – codenamed Project J – including a “J Mini Serrano”, which could well be a trimmed down version of the phone in the same vein as the Galaxy S3 Mini. Most intriguing of all though is the mention of a “Project J Active Fortius”, which comes with an arm band, a bike mount and a pouch.

To us, that sounds like Samsung has crafted a fitness gadget to go with the Samsung Galaxy S4, much like Sony’s smartwatch and Motorola’s Motoactv GPS watch powered by Android. It’s got some experience in the area – back in 2009 it released its own mobile phone watch with a touchscreen, pictured above, and another one as far back as 2003.

What else a Samsung smartwatch could do is unknown at this point, but those accessories suggest that it’ll at least log your runs and speed – but don’t be surprised if it connects to your emails and message inboxes as well. Will you be able to control it using S-Voice? We’ll hopefully find out very soon: the Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to launch as soon as next month.

Would you buy a smartwatch to go with the Samsung Galaxy S4? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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