Monday, 4 February 2013

Sony PS4, BlackBerry Z10, a new iPad and more


Sony PS4, BlackBerry Z10, a new iPad and more: Gadget Digest

It’s been an action packed week full to bursting with tech. We’ve seen everything from new tablets to entire new smartphone platforms – and yes, even a brand new, next-generation console. Read on for everything you missed in this week’s Gadget Digest.

BlackBerry 10 arrives

RIM’s fightback began in earnest on Wednesday when it unveiled not just two new phones – the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 – but a completely new operating system as well, BlackBerry 10. It’s got an impressive number of apps ready for launch, but is that really enough? Stay tuned for a full Z10 review coming soon to find out.

The Sony PlayStation 4

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for: the Sony PS4. Just today, the Japanese gaming giant scheduled a big announcement for later this month, promising to show us the “future” – and sources are already confirming it will be the next PlayStation on show. What are you hoping to see from it/?

iOS 6: The jailbreak is back

Got an iPhone 5 or an iPad mini, but wishing you could unlock it to pimp it out to your heart’s content? Your wish is almost our command: a crack team of iPhone hackers is gearing up to unleash an iOS 6 jailbreak on the world as soon as this weekend, so you’ll be able to install the apps and settings Apple doesn’t want you to have very soon.

Streaming services get smarter

It’s been a busy week for streaming web services too. Nokia’s spruced up its Music app for Lumia Windows Phone with a subscription option that pits it squarely against the likes of Spotify, while – horrors of horrors – Google began looking at charging for YouTube. But don’t worry – it’s not quite what you think.

A new iPad unleashed

The rumours were true: Apple was working on a new iPad with a massive 128GB of storage, and it unveiled it unceremoniously on Tuesday – just in time to steal away attention from Microsoft’s big Office launch, of course. We’ve got all the details on the slate with insane storage space right here.

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