Friday, 1 February 2013

Sony PS4: The new PlayStation is coming this month!


Sony PS4: The new PlayStation is coming this month!

Hold on to your DualShock controllers people: the Sony PS4 is coming this month. Sony’s teasing fans to come see the “future” at an event on 20 February, and one newspaper in the US has already confirm it’ll be the next PlayStation on show. Read on for a glimpse in the teaser video.

Sony itself hasn’t said much, but it’s published a teaser video (which you can see below): in between all the shapes and colours, there appears to be the outline of a console, and if we’re not mistaken, it’s got of a PS2 vibe about it.

The Wall Street Journal meanwhile has already confirmed with its sources that the Sony PS4 will be unveiled at the event, and better still, that it’ll go on sale this year. The PS4 will still use a disk drive, and will reportedly focus on “social gaming aspects”, suggesting you’ll be able to connect with friends better while you play.

Are you excited? We’ve gone over what we want from a PS3 successor before, so now it’s over to you. Are you eager to play the PlayStation 4? Hit the comments below and tell us

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