Sunday, 24 February 2013

Super cheap Nokia Windows Phone coming next week!


Super cheap Nokia Windows Phone coming next week!

Mobile World Congress kicks off next week, and rumours are flying about what Nokia’s going to unveil at its Barcelona press event on Monday morning. Now a new report says the Finns are prepping a new, even cheaper Windows Phone for next week.

Reuters reports that Nokia is hard at work on cheaper phones to combat Chinese competitors like Huawei and ZTE who are able to undercut their rivals with low prices – and one of the models on show will be a Lumia running full fat Windows Phone 8.

That’s music to our ears. Earlier this month, we tested out the already super affordable Lumia 620, calling it the best Windows Phone ever – with the same software experience at an even lower pricetag (Below £100, perhaps), we reckon Nokia could be on to a winner.

The report doesn’t say anything about the rumoured Nokia Windows Phone with a giant PureView image sensor, so we may not be seeing the Holy Grail of camera phones in Spain next week – tune in on Monday to find out what we will.

Like the sounds of super affordable Windows Phone

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