Sunday, 24 February 2013

The PlayStation 4 unleashed, HTC One arrives and more:


The PlayStation 4 unleashed, HTC One arrives and more: Gadget Digest

Weeks like this come along only a few times every generation – console generation, that is. Sony whipped the covers off the Sony PlayStation 4 at long last, but that wasn’t all that happened this week – and when it comes to gizmo news, February’s barely even started. Read on for everything you missed this week.

The Sony PlayStation 4 revealed – sort of

At long last, it arrived – sort of. Sony execs took the stage in New York to reveal the next-generation PS4’s incredible hardware under the bonnet – and we where there live. While the gaming giant was happy to show off lots of new gamers for the system – see them all here – it was less keen to reveal the design of the machine itself, choosing instead to focus on its impressive network skills and instant streaming abilities. Expect plenty more to come from the company in the next few months.

Is the HTC One the one?

Just a day before Sony’s big announcement, HTC had one of its own to share: its new flagship smartphone for 2013, the HTC One. It’s packing some impressive hardware, from a HD screen to a stunning new camera – even the ability to act as your TV remote. Has it got what it takes to compete with Samsung this year?

Google gets the style

Google’s not exactly known for design flair – more its engineering prowess. That looks to be changing this week. First, we got word that it’s teamed up with some seriously stylish sunglass designers to create a pair of Google Glass specs that you’ll actually want to be seen wearing. Then it followed up by unleashing the stunning Chromebook Pixel, a super-charged Chrome OS laptop that’s as beautiful as it is expensive. Is it too much for what’s essentially a web browser?

More on the way

Though we’ve seen two massive tech launches this week, February’s far from over. Next week, the giant smartphone expo Mobile World Congress returns to Barcelona. We’re expecting phones and tablets and more phones – Orange has jumped the gun and shown off its new 4G blower already – and Nokia’s press conference on Monday morning promises to be the highlight of the show, so tune in then for all the news.

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