Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Google Glass eBay auction goes through the roof!


Google Glass eBay auction goes through the roof!

You can’t buy Google Glass yet – the augmented reality spectacles aren’t on general sale. However, that didn’t stop a resourceful eBay member from trying to hawk a pair on the popular auction site, and the listing attracted so much interest that the value rocketed to a staggering $15,900 – about £10,450.

According to Techradar, that’s 10 times more than the developer edition of Google Glass will cost when the product is eventually released this year.

Sadly, the person who bid that amazing amount won’t be getting their hands on Google Glass anytime soon, for two key reasons. First, eBay has cancelled the auction. Second, the seller doesn’t actually have a pair of Google Glass specs yet – they are due to attend the forthcoming Project Glass launch event and were essentially “selling” the pair they would obtain at that point.

You’re not allowed to sell things on eBay which you don’t currently own, hence the closure of the auction. Boo!

Would you be willing to pay over 10 grand for a pair of glasses which make you look like you’re in an episode of Star Trek? If so, we’d love to hear from you, so post a comment.

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