Monday, 25 March 2013

Now Google is making a smartwatch too: Watch out Apple by


Now Google is making a smartwatch too: Watch out Apple

Apple and Samsung aren’t alone in their plans to take over the timepiece on your wrist: a new report published this week confirms that Google too is working on an Android-powered watch computer. Ready for a watch app invasion?

The Financial Times reports that the search giant is working on a smartwatch in its own labs, and that the product is separate to anything Samsung is working on – earlier this week, a Samsung mobile boss confirmed the company’s own plans.

Intriguingly, the report says the Google smartwatch is being developed in the Android division, so it may have little or nothing to do with Google Glass, made by the company’s secretive X Lab. It may also mean the company is planning to bring it to market a whole lot sooner. Fancy a Google Nexus watch anyone? (Pictured above is Motorola’s 2011 Android watch, the Motoactv).

While details are thin on the ground, it’s hard to see the Google smartwatch as anything other than a direct competitor to Apple’s own “iWatch”, word of which has leaked repeatedly in recent weeks. Android’s already ahead of the smartphone field when it comes to things like unobtrusive notifications and the sheer number of apps, and the operating system’s open-source nature could make it the ultimate hacker toy too.

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