Tuesday, 26 March 2013

So long cracked screens: Your next iPhone can shift its fall like a cat


So long cracked screens: Your next iPhone can shift its fall like a cat

Drop your phone often? Apple’s got a new bit of tech for you, that could see your next iPhone make like a cat and shift its centre of balance to save itself as it falls. Say goodbye to cracked screens and hello to a feline-esque phone!

AppleInsider’s spotted the recent patent application filing, which describes a tiny gizmo in the phone that can detect when an iPhone or iPad is falling, and then – incredibly – shift over its centre of balance so that it doesn’t land on any of its most fragile parts, like a corner of the screen.

Instead of it landing, say, flat out on its beautiful Retina Display, your next iPhone will shift itself mid-air and land on a stronger part that doesn’t have so many essential components, such as a strong edge or a reinforced backside.

Although dropping it will likely still damage the phone, its mid air shift will help save some of its more expensive parts, so if it does need emergency treatment in the Genius Bar still, fixing it up would cost a whole lot less.

As ever with patent applications, it’s never certain that the company behind the idea will ever actually use it in a finished product. But given just how many people are living with a cracked screen – and the many anecdotal reports of Apple exchanging cracked iPhones for fresh ones, it’d certainly be a moneysaver for the California company.

Would you be interested in an iPhone that can save itself, or would you rather keep it locked up its own safety case? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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