Friday, 19 April 2013

Brand new phablets, smartwatches, Windows 8 price slash and more:


Brand new phablets, smartwatches, Windows 8 price slash and more: Gadget Digest

Another week is drawing to a close: if you’re still working full pelt though and haven’t had a chance to keep up with all the top stories this week, don’t worry. We’ve got a round-up of all the stories that matter for you right here in your weekly Gadget Digest.

Phablets phablets phablets

It’s been a busy seven days in the world of giant phones-slash-slates. We’ve heard whispers about a new look, all-metal Samsung Galaxy Note 3, as well as rumours that Nokia is planning to crash the party with a Windows Phone 8 powered phablet of its own. We doubt either will be able to undercut Archos’ latest effort though: a 5.3-inch Android phone with an epic battery which costs just £200 unlocked.

High tech timepieces

While the noise about Apple and Samsung’s reportedly planned smartwatches has subsided, this week marked the entrant of another player into space: Microsoft. The software giant is said to be prepping its own timepiece with live alerts and information. Can’t wait for the gadget unicorns to come out of the wood? Maybe you can settle for TomTom’s brand new Runner watch instead, a durable smartwatch for runners that actually looks good, and is out this summer.

Low price touchscreen laptops on the way

If you’re after a low-price laptop, a Google-powered Chromebook is a serious option worth considering, but it may have company soon. Intel’s boss predicted this week that with the arrival of its new chip, prices for Windows 8 touchscreen machines would tumble to as low as $200. That sounds like a much better price for a Microsoft Surface, if you ask us.

Twitter Music debuts

Now we know what Twitter was doing with that web address last week – getting ready to launch Twitter Music! The site is now live, complete with companion iPhone app, and aims to make discovering music from artists you love and might love much easier. We’ve got all the details on it here in our guide

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