Tuesday, 23 April 2013

iBeetle: Meet the new Volkswagen with a helping hand from Apple


iBeetle: Meet the new Volkswagen with a helping hand from Apple

While it’s not a fully-fledged own brand Apple iCar, Volkswagen’s come up with the next best thing, teaming up with Apple to create the iBeetle: a VW bug that’s had the full Apple treatment and syncs seamlessly with your iPhone!

The German car maker’s new Beetle pairs up with your iPhone and is the first VW car to boast an iPhone docking station right on the dashboard, which the auto-maker says was made in partnership with the tech giant.

There’s also an app – the curiously named Volkswagen Car Net The Beetle – that lets you sync either wirelessly or through the docking station and gives you access to Spotify and a whole host of car data such as a G-Meter, oil and temperature gauges and fuel economy info on the go. There are also social media features and even a camera option – most of which we wouldn’t recommend you use while driving!

The iBeetle rocks 18-inch alloys and sports the iBeetle signature on the door sills and chrome badges on the front. The Beetle and your blower join forces when the iBeetle goes on sale early next year, with advanced sales starting in October: it’ll come in both coupe and convertible variants in colours to match your iPhone 5.

Of course, there’s every chance there’ll be a new iPhone on sale by the time this car rolls out – let’s just hope it’ll fit in with this iBeetle too. Fancy Volkswagen’s team effort with Apple, or would you rather have a Jony Ive-designed iCar?


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Doing Business in the Philippines said...

I think this new product is amazing. If only I have enough money to buy iPhone and iBettle then my life will feel like heaven. :D