Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Is this what the new budget iPhone will look like?


Is this what the new budget iPhone will look like?

Anyone for a trip down memory lane? Sporting hued-plastic cues from Apple’s iconic and classic iMac G3, one designer has mocked up what he thinks the rumoured new budget iPhone with a bigger screen could look like, and with some good reasons behind the design decisions too. Would you be interested in this colourful design?

We’ve seen lots of reports in recent months that Apple could be about to drop a budget-conscious iPhone sometime soon, and this concept gives us a visual based on those rumours. Designed by Nickolay Lamm on behalf of MyVoucherCodes, the budget concept fuses the look of the colourful new iPod touch models with the translucent plastic of Apple’s classic old iMacs – a style which would reduce manufacturing costs and offer a slick looking design at the same time.

In a bid to drop costs it would certainly make sense for Apple to go back to a plastic construction similar to the second and third generation iPhone, but freshened up with modern touches such as a Lightning connector and faster internals. Apple’s iPod touch range now comes in a kaleidoscopic range of hues, and it would make sense for the budget iPhone to have a few colour choices to follow suit – just like when the iPod mini first went on sale in 2004.

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