Saturday, 4 May 2013

Killer Xbox 720 accessories, price crash tech galore and the next Call of Duty

Killer Xbox 720 accessories, price crash tech galore and the next Call of Duty: Gadget Digest
Friday rolls around so quickly, doesn’t it? If you’re wondering where the working week’s gone, and didn’t get a chance to read up on all the tech news as it came in, then put your mind at rest: we’ve got all the biggest stories from the last days rounded up for you in one place, right here in your Gadget Digest.
Microsoft’s IllumiRoom Xbox tech explored
After months of radio silence, Microsoft finally started talking about its incredible IllumiRoom wall projector tech for gaming again, dropping more than a few hints that it could be headed to the Xbox 720 as a Kinect-style accessory, and publishing a research paper which spills all the beans on how it works. Check out our feature on it for what we know so far.
Bargain hunt
It’s been an incredible week for sudden price drops in top gadgets. Barnes & Noble has been serving up random acts of kindness all week, slashing the price of its entry-level e-reader to just £29, and administering similar price cuts to its Android tablets too – as well as giving them access to the Google Play store. Asda meanwhile dropped the price of the Nintendo Wii U by another £50, meaning you can now pick up the next-gen machine for less than £150. Here’s hoping this sort of shock treatment can help the faltering system.
What’s next, making calls from your iPad?
The boundaries between phones and tablets – and frankly, phablets and tablets – are rapidly blurring. Hot on the heels of Asus’ Fonepad, Samsung released the Galaxy Tab 3, a regular looking seven-inch Android slate – that makes phone calls like a regular blower. Would you be seen holding one of these to your head?
Instagram expands

We’ve got good news all around for fans of the photo sharing social network. The company – now owned by Facebook – just last night pushed out Photos Of You, a new tagging option and profile page section which finally lets you tag your mates in pictures, not just locations. Got an app-lacking Windows Phone and feel like you’re missing out on all the fun? Fret no more: as we told you yesterday, a new unofficial but fully featured Instagram app is heading your way very soon.
Games games games
It’s been a hectic week on the games front too. We got a new, in-depth look at Grand Theft Auto V courtesy of three new trailers, and got a first play of racer Grid 2 as well. If that wasn’t enough though, Activision only went and announced the next Call of Duty – and it’s not Modern Warfare 4

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