Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Five of the best apps to fix iOS


Five of the best apps to fix iOS

Apple’s iOS 7 update is still a few months away, along with its new looks and under-the-hood-tweaks, and if you feel like iOS 6 just isn’t cutting it on your iPhone or iPad anymore, we wouldn’t blame you. If you’re tired of the inaccuracies of Apple Maps or you just need a better email client than Apple Mail, we’ve got just the apps for you. Read on for our top five picks that will give your iPhone a much needed refresh.

Maps – Google Maps

Apple Maps is still a sore app for many iPhone users, but Google has stepped up to the plate and delivered an even better Maps application than it originally provided on previous iOS versions. It comes complete with local Google search, voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, public transport directions, Street View, traffic updates and even more. Who needs Apple Maps?

Browser – Google Chrome

There are a few different options to Safari in the app store for all your browsing needs, including Opera and Mercury, but Google Chrome is easily the best alternative you can find in the app store, especially if you use it as your main desktop browser too. Sync your Google account across your Chrome browsers, and you’ll get all your bookmarks and history in one place, plus you can sync over currently open tabs on each device letting you pull up a website super quick instead of hassling about – absolutely perfect if you do a ton of browsing on your mobile.

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Mail – Mailbox

Stylish email app Mailbox edges out Sparrow and the official Gmail client as our top pick for an Apple Mail replacement, thanks to its simple and fast way to get through countless emails in a particularly slick way. Mailbox plugs right into your Gmail account, and once you’re set up you can start to slide away emails with a flick of the thumb to delete or archive them, while you can rearrange your mail how you like in your inbox and even “snooze” nagging emails to a later date for when you want to get around to them. There’s push support too, so you’ll never be away from your mail.

Notes – Evernote

Some people love the simplistic nature of Apple’s Notes, but some dislike the fake notepad style of it and lack of power user features. While it might do the job for a quick list for when it comes to doing the shopping, you might want to sync your notes to your computer for future reference or for a project. Enter Evernote, an extremely powerful note app that lets you chuck in anything you want, ranging from full resolution photos, rich text and multiple ways of arranging all your notes. Evernote’s killer feature is that syncs over to the desktop application through the cloud so you’ll always have your notes handy, and you can even clip items from your web browser to dunk into your Evernote collection. A bit of power comes in handy, even when you’re doing the shopping, right?

Camera – Camera+

Forget the filter-focused Instagram, ditch Hipstamatic and toss away Apple’s own Camera, as Taptaptap’s Camera+ rules supreme in the photo snapping department, packing in a myriad of features including a self timer, manual controls, plus a stabiliser function to let you get the best shot. While it does come with filters, some of them enhance your photos in ways that Instagram could only dream of, plus you can add borders, effects and even share straight to your social network of choice. Even if you don’t need to make use of any of the effects or filters, the extra additions Camera+ adds to your phone’s snapper makes it a better pick than Apple’s own Camera app.


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