Sunday, 16 June 2013

New iPhone software, Samsung Galaxy gadgets galore, and everything from E3


New iPhone software, Samsung Galaxy gadgets galore, and everything from E3: Gadget Digest

We knew this week was going to be one of the busiest in tech, but we didn’t expect the sheer amount of news that kept on trickling out! From the wealth of Samsung Galaxy gadgets announced, to Apple’s enormous WWDC conference and iOS 7 and the long awaited reveal of Sony’s PlayStation 4 at E3 – get all the the incredible headlines from this week right here in your gadget digest.

Apple kicked off the week with its annual WWDC conference, bringing a few surprises along to the show, including a huge refresh to the MacBook Air line, equipping both the 11-inch and the 13-inch with Intel’s all-new fourth generation Core processors and an insane battery. That wasn’t the only hardware on show, as Apple unveiled the brand new Mac Pro with a radical design that packs an insane seven teraflops of performance under the hood.

Hardware wasn’t the only thing on offer, as the latest version of OS X was on show too. Dubbed OS X Mavericks, the latest edition packs in a whole suite of new features that will save you on your battery life and can even support full on multiple displays.

The star of the show was clearly the latest version of iOS, which brings an all-new user interface and lick of paint. Along with the new iOS 7 update, Apple’s free ad-supported streaming music platform was also announced: iTunes Radio. Missing from the conference was talk of a new iPhone, but there’s word that Apple has a giant iPhone phablet contender in the works that will go toe-to-toe against Samsung’s Galaxy Note. We look forward to the super-sized super-phone showdown!

The Galaxy train don’t stop!

It’s clear Samsung is very proud of its flagship Galaxy S4, so much that the South Korean giant is dishing out a whole range of phones under the Galaxy S4 banner, with each version taking on a different role. We first spotted the downsized Galaxy S4 Mini last week, but this week saw the Galaxy S4 Active, a toughened up version that can handle the great outdoors, while there’s also the Galaxy S4 Zoom, which features a huge 10x optical zoom and packs a 16-megapixel camera on the back.

Samsung also had the Galaxy Ace 3 on show, which crams in S4 skills into a smaller body, while we spotted the Android-based Galaxy NX super snapper today that looks like it’ll give even your DSLR a run for its money.

All things E3!

During this week’s E3, Sony finally revealed to the world the PlayStation 4, and even beat Microsoft at the pricing game by announcing it would be £80 cheaper than the Xbox One. Sony’s next-gen console won’t have to deal with the same game restrictions as the Xbox One and won’t require constant internet connection check-ins to play offline, either.

Of course, there were also games galore during the expo, with many big franchises returning and a few brand new titles too. Metal Gear Solid is back for its fifth outing on both next-gen consoles and current ones, and is set to go even bigger than ever before. Respawn Entertainment wowed Xbox fans with the futuristic, sci-fi shooter Titanfall, while Dead Rising returns as an open world survival game that’s set to release alongside the Xbox One. We’re sure the next-generation of gaming is going to be amazing, and we can’t wait.

Nintendo fans were also treated to a bevy of new games, including an all-new Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros., as well as a new look at the The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.

Mad Catz unleashes its Ouya rival

Yet another Android-based gaming system has emerged, but gaming accessory maker Mad Catz is taking a slightly different approach with its Project Mojo console. The company is insisting that while it provides the hardware, you take care of the software side, as the Project Mojo micro-console will be shipping with a barebones Android installation, letting you take on any of the Android stores to fill it up with games.

Get Kinect skills on any screen!

While Microsoft has been hard at work on its next-gen Kinect, the tech geniuses at eyeSight have come up with a way to turn your webcam that’s built into your laptop, tablet or phone into a motion sensing pro, letting you swipe through your device with a simple wave in the air. Kinect who?

The Last of Us review

From the creators of Uncharted comes one of the PlayStation 3’s final big-name exclusives, and it’s a real treat. We put the game through its paces to find out if it can hold up against the rush of next-gen hardware and if it can be praised as a PlayStation classic

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