Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sony SmartWatch 2 unveiled: Tick tock, Apple!


Sony SmartWatch 2 unveiled: Tick tock, Apple!

Alongside the gigantic Xperia Z Ultra, Sony had one more surprise for us this morning: the Sony SmartWatch 2, the second intelligent timepiece for Android phones from the company. Is it time to finally retire the Rolex or kick out the Casio?

Like its Xperia siblings, the Sony SmartWatch 2 is water resistant and carries the same angular design, and it carries many of their smarts under the bonnets too. You can pair it with your Android phone easily with one tap via NFC, and use the 1.6-inch touchscreen to read notifications from supported apps and even Facebook.

It does much more than deliver notifications this time round though: there’s an on-screen battery indicator to show when you’re running low on juice, and an on-screen user interface that looks just like Android to make navigation easy. You can use the watch to do everything from field calls to taking photos remotely with your phone, controlling presentations and even pulling up a map on a bike ride. Don’t like the strap? You can swap it out for any other 24mm band that you like.

We liked the idea of Sony’s original SmartWatch, but in practice it simply wasn’t reliable enough to justify the price: with any luck, Sony’s fixed those problems this time round. The Sony SmartWatch 2 goes on sale in September, price still TBC – your move, Apple.

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