Sunday, 23 June 2013

Talk to the Hand: O2's launching phone gloves made from old mobiles!


Talk to the Hand: O2's launching phone gloves made from old mobiles!

If you thought touchscreen-friendly gloves were the best thing to happen to your poor, freezing hands, get a load of these: O2’s Talk to the Hand gloves are made up of recycled phone parts and let you talk on on the phone just by raising your hand.

O2 has paired up with artist Sean Miles to create the fashionable tech, made from of vintage Pineider and Miu Miu gloves along with parts from phones that come through O2’s recycle program. The gloves are made up of a speaker unit in the thumb and a microphone in the finger of the glove, and they pair to your smartphone over Bluetooth to give you an easy, if ridiculous, way of speaking down the phone on a cold day.

O2 Recycle and Miles are working together to “upcycle” old items into new, desirable gadgets that look good and perform equally well, and these gloves aren’t the first product in the series. Miles has created “Walkie Talkies” before, which combined vintage footwear with old mobile handsets to create custom phones, but he isn’t just stopping there: his next project is to combine phones with handbags, so you don’t have to spend time rummaging around to find your phone when it rings. Of course.

Would you be interested in the Talk to the Hand gloves, or would you rather stick with your phone in your pocket? Let us know what you think in the comments below.Tags:

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