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Ten essential gadgets for the festival season!


Ten essential gadgets for the festival season!

Festival season is nearly here, and while we’ve already checked out the best tents for you to crash in, what about the essential gadgets you need to make your festival even better? Even if you’re not heading to a musical destination, you can be sure these ten gadgets will make your next camping trip a breeze.

Vango Eye Lights

While Vango’s tents might be able to be pitched up in no time at all, they do lack one feature: lighting! That’s where the Eye Light comes in handy: it’s an extremely flexible and bright light that can attach to almost anything, and at £3, it’s a steal. You’ll no longer need to rummage around in the dark to find your phone ever again!

Kathmandu Solar Shower

When you hit a festival, you just know you’ll be going a few days without a shower, especially if you’re heading out to Glastonbury, where things will get muddy. Enter Kathmandu’s Solar Shower, a handy portable shower that’s perfect for your tent. Fill it up with cold water, stick it out in the sun, and hey presto, you’ve got yourself your own portable shower to take with you from festival to festival, and at £5.99, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Outwell Bamboo picnic set

Now this is how you eat in style: Outwell’s bamboo picnic set is made from biodegradable bamboo, which means even if you leave it behind after the music has died down, you won’t be hurting the environment. At £15.99, it’s not the cheapest option, but they’re a lot greener than terrible plastic plates that won’t do the festival grounds any good.

Outwell Duvet Sleep System: Caress Single

You’ll never endure a terrible night’s sleep under the stars again, as Outwell’s Duvet Sleep System is made up of a bed, cover and duvet in a handy all-in-one package, giving you a chance to rest easy in comfort. At £84.99, it isn’t cheap, but what price do you put on some solid shuteye?

Kathmandu Roamer Air Sofa

Need somewhere to sit down and chill out? Kathmandu has got you covered with its two-seater Roamer Air Sofa, and at just £17.99, it’ll keep you seated in comfort while you’re waiting for your next favourite band. Just keep your fingers crossed the sun holds out or you’ve got a massive tent, unless you want a wet sofa.

Vango self-inflating pillow

Not got much room in your bag to bring your own comfy pillow? Vango’s £7 self-inflating pillow will keep your head well rested and you can stuff it right in your bag when you’re done with it. Easy.

Outwell collapsible kettle

Outwell’s Collaps kettle is the perfect accessory for when you need a brew of tea or coffee in the morning, but you don’t have quick access to your own full sized kettle. Outwell’s outdoor version simply collapses down to a small, flat size that is easy to store away and can spring back up in seconds. It’s a little pricey at £29.99, but who can put a price on your own cup of coffee to start the day?

Goal Zero Lighthouse Lantern

Need a light to get you through the festival nights? Take a look at this Goal Zero Lighthouse Lantern that can be charged up ready to light your way in a number of ways. Hook it up to the mains right before you set off for the festival, but don’t worry if you forget, you can also charge it up via a 12V car battery. Not taking a car? Put in some elbow grease and wind it up for some added juice or add some solar panels if it’s a sunny day. It also has a USB port on the lantern, so you can charge up your phones or gadgets in a pinch – and at £40, that’s peace of mind sorted for everyone you’re staying with, in one simple gadget.

Gelert Sleeping Pods

If you’re tired of being cramped up in your restricting sleeping bag, Gelert’s Sleeping Pod might be just what you need. It’s a wide-bodied sleeping bag which means you can curl up and turn inside the bag, letting you sleep in any position you find comfortable, and at £34.99, it’s a decent investment to make those restless nights in the tent a thing of the past.

Vodafone Power Pocket Recharge Sleeping Bag>

Vodafone might be taking its Recharge Truck on the road to several events this summer, but there’ll be times when you won’t be able to make your way to the phone charging vehicle, which is where the Power Pocket Recharge sleeping bag comes in. Developed with the University of Southampton, the Recharge lets you charge up your phone in an isolated pocket tucked into your sleeping bag while you sleep. It works by using your body temperature to provide juice to your smartphone, making it the perfect festival companion. They’re not on sale yet, but fingers crossed you’ll be able to nab one next time Glasto rolls around.

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