Saturday, 6 July 2013

Colourful iPhones, Google Glass updates, bargain tablets and more


Colourful iPhones, Google Glass updates, bargain tablets and more: Gadget Digest

Another week, another Friday, another gadget digest to catch you up on everything you might have missed in the world of tech this week! We’ve spied an all new budget iPhone, got a look at the next big Google Glass update, jumped into the hot seat with Gran Turismo 6, spotted the tablet bargain of the year and more! Read on for all the best news from this week in your gadget digest.

Is this the super cheap, kaleidoscopic new iPhone?

Still waiting for the iPhone to get cheaper? You might be in luck, but in a different way, as we spotted a leak of a few bright iPhone shells that signal the fabled budget iPhone is on its way. Is this your gateway to finally grabbing an iPhone?

Google Glass gets updated with head bobbing, web browsing tricks!

While you might call Google’s futuristic headgear bonkers, it’s still an incredible piece of kit, and it just got a massive update. You can now surf the web with a full-on browser in your eye, and you can pan around a page just by moving your head. The future is here, and Google’s leading the charge, or at least making you behave oddly public.

Jump into the driving seat with Gran Turismo 6 and win a job as a race driver!

Start your engines! Well, your PlayStations, as the demo for the latest in the Gran Turismo series has touched down on the PlayStation Network – and you could win a job as a race car driver! Fire up your PS3 and you’ll find the GT6 ready for download, and once you’re in game, if you hit a fast enough time, you could win a spot on the Nissan racing team. Not bad for picking up your joypad, right?

Nook HD gets slashed to £99 – is this your gadget bargain of the year?

Right after Barnes & Noble dropped down the price of its eInk e-readers, it’s gone and done it again – only this time, it’s the company’s full-fledged Android tablets on the receiving end. For only a limited time, you can now pick up a Nook HD for a bargain £99, while its bigger brother, the Nook HD+ can be yours for as little as £140. You get some impressive specs for your cash: the Nook HD’s insane 1440×900 display which is still the best screen on that size tablet. We’ll take two, thanks.

Is Apple planning a bezel-less range of iDevices?

Ever wished your iPad didn’t have a bezel and that it was all screen? You may be in luck, as a recent successful patent application could see you getting exactly that. Apple’s newly awarded patent outlines the tech that would turn the screen itself into a bezel if needed. Are you ready for a next-gen iPad?

Next-gen Xbox Live encourages you to play nice!

Xbox Live has 46 million players on it, but within that huge number, there’s bound to be a few trolls lurking behind their headsets and gamepads. Don’t worry about playing against them on Xbox One though, as Microsoft has got some next-gen tweaks for its Rep system that encourages gamers to play nice – or risk getting stuck with other trolls. Sound good?

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