Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Hot Watch: Smart timepiece lets you take calls with your hand!


Hot Watch: Smart timepiece lets you take calls with your hand!

Smart watches are all the rage right now: everyone from Samsung to Apple is rumoured to be working on their own take on the intelligent timepiece. Then there are all the indie crews cobbling their own versions together on Kickstarter – and the giants could learn a few lessons from them. Meet the Hot Watch, a smart watch that lets you receive calls on your wrist, no loudspeaker or headphones necessary!

A small team in Texas is working on the Hot Watch, a low power Bluetooth timepiece that shows you the latest from your Android or iPhone (everything from text messages and Facebook updates to breaking news), and packs a few extra tricks up its sleeves – the built in gyroscopes can trigger an emergency message if the person wearing the Hot Watch suffers a fall.

Unlike its rivals though, the Hot Watch also packs in the tech to answer your calls on your wrist: you hold your arm up to your ear and the sound travels up your forearm and is amplified by the palm of your hand just enough so that you can hear the call and no one else can. It’s a clever idea if it works, so much so that the team have applied for a patent on the technology.

Want in? The developers are working towards a December shipping date, and are looking to raise $150,000 (£99,000) on Kickstarter. With 37 days to go they’re a third of the way there: you’ll need to fork out $169 (£111) to nab one. Reckon it’s worth the cost or will you be waiting for the iWatch? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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