Saturday, 17 August 2013

Next-gen iPhone dated, new Androids aplenty, smart projectors and more


Next-gen iPhone dated, new Androids aplenty, smart projectors and more: Gadget Digest

Here we go! It’s another Friday, and that means it’s time for another dose of your weekly round-up of the best stories in tech. We’ve got phones galore, including some gossip on the next-gen iPhone as well as a pair of BlackBerry blowers and a retro-inspired Samsung phone. We’ve also spotted some ridiculous tech, from a watch with a huge camera, to plenty of projector tricks that’ll make your next presentation one to remember. All of the week’s hottest stories are right here in your Gadget Digest.

Phones, phones, phones!

Let’s kick things off with what could be the biggest day of the year for Apple. We’ve heard that the company will be hosting a special event on 10 September, and that’s set to be the next-gen iPhone’s big reveal. Expect to see the latest version of iOS in all its redesigned glory, plus we could even see a cheaper, low-cost model alongside the next flagship phone.

Canadian company BlackBerry is still hanging on, and it looks like the company’s jumping on the phablet bandwagon with an all-new BlackBerry 10 blower. Meet the leaked BlackBerry Z30, the biggest BlackBerry device we’ve ever seen, and it’s all-screen too meaning you won’t find a physical keyboard on this phone. If you’re a fan of QWERTY keys though, BlackBerry’s outed a brand new phone that has the looks of a classic BlackBerry, but there’s one slight problem: it has the same ancient software too.

Samsung’s also going all retro this week: say hello to the Samsung Hennessy, a dual screen Android phone that boasts flipping powers – just like your classic Motorola Razr. Fancy one of these?

A little on the odd side

We’ve seen the all-new Xbox One controller, and while it looks a lot like an updated Xbox 360 pad, it could have been a whole lot different. This week, Microsoft revealed that there could have even been smellovision packed into each controller, even going as far as testing out cartridges that belch out smells related to what’s happening on-screen. We think we’ll pass, and we’re glad Microsoft smelt sense too.

If you thought Nokia’s chunky Lumia 1020 came packing some insane camera smarts, wait until you get a load of this. Swiss company Hyetis is cramming a full 41-megapixel camera into a titanium-cased smartwatch called the Crossbow, and that’s not all it’s found space for: the watch also boasts GPS skills and biometric and temperature sensors. Could this be the James Bond watch of your dreams?

Projector-powered tech

Projectors are great for presentations, watching films and kicking back and playing games on, but what if they did more? Ubi Interactive just made your screen interactive, by combining Kinect smarts with your projector to turn any wall into a multitouch-enabled surface. Angry Birds on the office wall? Yes please!

If you’re after something a bit more portable, meet the tiny Epict EPP-100, a pico-projector that packs an Android brain and can fit right in your pocket, meaning you could have your own personal cinema wherever you are – plus all the Google apps you can handle.

Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer trailer revealed!

We also got a good look at the brand new online multiplayer trailer for next month’s Grand Theft Auto V, and it looks nothing less than jawdropping. We can’t wait to get stuck in to the massive gameworld and tear up Los Santos with friends, and we’re sure you can’t either. Watch the video below and start counting down the days to 17 September.

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