Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Next-gen iPhone: Here's what we know already


Next-gen iPhone: Here's what we know already Next-gen iPhone: Here's what we know already

The next iPhone is hotly tipped to launch on September 10, but what can we expect to see? The rumour mill has gone into overdrive of late, with leak after leak showing off what purports to be Apple’s next handset in a variety of guises. There could even be more than one model about to launch. So strap yourself in, we’re about to run down what we’ll see from Apple’s next mobile.

A budget model

This is one of the most persistent rumours of recent months. Apple is said to be readying a cut-price version of its best-selling handset, to compete with the likes of the Google Nexus 4. The budget blower could be named the iPhone 5C. You might think this would be a bit of a departure for Apple, which usually makes high-end devices for monied customers, but the company has had a finger in the budget pie for a while now. Whenever it announces a new model of handset, it reduces the price of an older one, keeping a cheaper, lower-specced variant on sale. You can still buy the iPhone 4, for example. So would a dedicated lower-priced iPhone really be that unexpected?

Two models will launch

This isn’t to say Apple will abandon the high end altogether. Not so. Rumours say the Cupertino company will launch an iPhone 5S alongside the 5C. The 5S should be the standard upgrade, with slightly enhanced specs. But one feature could make it stand out from previous models – it could come in a gold colour option. Don’t worry, it won’t be too bling. It’ll be a subtle champagne gold, the rumours say. And it’s not the only new colour we might see…

More colours

The iPhone 5C should be available in a range of colours, with numerous leaks showing its casing in red, green, blue, and more. So far, Apple has only offered the iPhone in muted tones, but its iPod range comes in a selection of bright colours. Its new operating system iOS 7 also went to town on the colour, so we could well see a brighter selection of products from Apple.Double the storage

The iPhone 5S will come with a beefy 128GB of storage, according to one analyst. Think that’s unheard of? Well the iPad currently comes with that much space. And it would make up for the lack of an SD card slot. The iPhone 5 comes in a 64GB variant, and most of us would welcome double the storage. Just maybe not the price tag that’ll come with it.

Fingerprint scanner

A few leaks have hinted we’ll see a fingerprint scanner on the next iPhone. This would be more secure than a PIN code, meaning no one else can access your handset. The feature has been used on laptops for a few years now, but has so far failed to become standard on mobiles. But where Apple goes, the rest usually follow…

It’ll run iOS 7

A given, this one. Apple unveiled its colourful new operating system a couple of months ago, but so far only developers have been able to get their hands on it. It’s sure to launch alongside the new handset(s), and will be available for the iPad, too. There’s a host of new features, like 3D, new messaging options, smart multitasking, and AirDrop. You can even control your device by moving your head. Now that’s what we call handsfree.

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