Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear: Gigantic Android smart watch revealed!


Samsung Galaxy Gear: Gigantic Android smart watch revealed!

This Wednesday is Samsung’s big day, when the company will be revealing its Galaxy Note successor and maybe even its next-gen smartwatch to the masses, but we’ve managed to spot a photo of the Galaxy Gear days before the wrist wear tech has even been formally announced. Are you ready for Samsung’s huge Android-powered smart watch?

VentureBeat has managed to nab a few spy shots of Samsung’s next big thing that will sit on your wrist and it looks like it has a focus on tracking your health, much like the Nike+ FuelBand but with added smarts and a larger screen.

Just how big? The watch display itself looks like it measures up at around three inches across – not much smaller than an iPhone 4S – and is expected to support voice commands via Samsung’s own S-Voice, and even snap pictures using the timepiece’s camera, a four-megapixel shooter that’s built into the strap. There’s also a tiny speaker included in the clasp, while watch itself has a few preloaded apps as well as a battery life that’s rated at more than ten hours. You’ll also find the Gear armed with Bluetooth to hook it up to Samsung’s range of smartphones and tablets, while it also has Wi-Fi for internet access, so you’ll be able to beam down your emails right to your wrist or share to your social networks while you check the time.

The smartwatch space is definitely heating up, with many indie watches grabbing crowdsourced funding from the likes of Kickstarter and Indiegogo such as the Pebble, and Sony has already announced its own SmartWatch 2 which is set to launch shortly. We’re also still waiting for Apple’s own answer to the wrist watch, while Google has been said to be joining the battle too. We’re excited to see Samsung’s new watch in action – are you too?

Do you think you fancy Samsung’s Galaxy Gear or are you sticking with your regular timepiece? Let us know what you think in the comments below and we’ll let you know as soon as it gets official.



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