Friday, 11 October 2013

New Androids phones galore, iPads incoming, brand new Chromebooks and more


New Androids phones galore, iPads incoming, brand new Chromebooks and more: Gadget Digest

Here we are again: it’s the end of the week and that means it’s time for your round-up of the top stories from the world of tech. We’ve spotted a leak of HTC’s next big phone, Samsung’s unleashed the world’s first bendy blower and Sony’s Xperia Z1 gets downsized. There are also yet more Android gaming gizmos on the way, the iPad 5 event is coming up and there’s a brand new duo of Chromebooks touching down too. We’ve got everything you need, right here in your gadget digest.

Android flagship phone fiesta: HTC, Samsung and Sony

What a week for Android phone fans! We’ve spotted a peek at the hotly rumoured HTC One Max, and it looks like it’s a super-sized Galaxy Note rival that’s set to come packing fingerprint sensing skills, just like the iPhone 5s. The phone looks like a definite reply to Apple’s latest flagship phone and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, but will it be able to best either of them? Not to be outdone, Samsung meanwhile has trotted out its brand new Galaxy Round, the world’s first phone that comes packing a curved display.

We were impressed by Sony’s current flagship Xperia Z1, and it’s now it’s had the mini-me treatment, just like Samsung’s and HTC’s flagship phones before it. Meet the Xperia Z1 f, a downsized version of Sony’s current top blower, but unlike the HTC One Mini and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Sony’s smaller version comes packing the same speedy specs as its bigger brother, only in a smaller, more pocket-friendly version: there’s the same quad-core processor and 20.7-megapixel camera on board. It’s currently heading to Japan in December, and while there’s no international launch planned just yet, we hope to be seeing it soon.

Brand new iPads are on the way

We’ve just had the brand new iPhones, and now we’re getting some new iPads too: according to a report by AllThingsD, Apple will be hosting a major event on 22 October, and we expect to see the iPad 5 and a new iPad mini there too! We’ve already spotted a leak of the iPad 5, and there’s been plenty of buzz around a next-gen iPad mini with a Retina display, so in less than two weeks, we’ll be treated to plenty more Apple gizmos. Are you looking forward to them?

Get your Android gaming on!

Have you been itching to play with Mad Catz’s Ouya rival, Project Mojo? You won’t have long to wait, as the super-speedy Android gaming console has now got a date and price: you can get your hands on the Tegra 4-powered Mojo on 10 December – but it will cost an eye-watering £219.99. Phew.

Fancy your Android gaming on the go instead? Archos has got a brand new version of its GamePad on the way, and it’s out this month! The Archos GamePad 2 delivers the same physical controls as its predecessor, but it boasts better specs, an improved screen and a slick new redesign. Will you be grabbing one?

Even more Google Chromebooks are on the way!

Google’s Chrome OS-powered Chromebooks are making a lot of headway thanks to their low prices and lightweight and powerful software, and now there’s a new duo on the way to help make Chromebooks a real force to be reckoned with. HP’s brand new Chromebook 11 offers a stylish little laptop, complete with a low £229 price tag and can even be juiced up by the same charger as your phone.

Acer’s also got a tiny titan on the way, the C720 Chromebook, that features the same 11-inch form factor, but this one’s armed with one of Intel’s low-power chips to give it an impressive battery life of eight and half hours – making it absolutely perfect for your 9-5 away from a plug socket. Windows 8.1, eat your heart out.

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