Saturday, 12 July 2014

Mobile Apps Trumps Mobile Web Usage - Easy App Business


While the amount of time spent watching T.V. has stayed relatively stable over the past few years, time spent using mobile apps is increasing wildly.  Mobile app usage was averaging about an hour each day in 2010, and it has now doubled to more than two hours, as reported by the app data analysis company Flurry. 

For reference, television watching takes up almost three hours each day, and web browsing takes a bit over an hour (although, for some of us, web browsing is running neck-and-neck with breathing for our most popular pastime).

At this level of importance, mobile apps are far too popular for businesses, especially small businesses, to ignore.  As we have discussed in other posts, the mobile web is still very important, and the best strategy is always to create both apps and quality mobile websites.  In terms of daily usage, however, apps are currently in the lead.

If you want to communicate with a particular market, you need to meet them where they are.  What this new data reveals for small businesses is that people are spending a ton of time on their mobile apps, and that this channel is far ahead of websites in terms of daily time spent (and quickly catching up to television). 

Of course, a lot of this time is double- and triple-counted, as users browse the web, play with apps, and watch T.V., all at the same time.  But the numbers don’t lie.

As far as practical advice goes, small businesses can 1) develop their own app, 2) develop their own mobile website 3) do both.  Developing apps or developing a mobile website, as app usage continues to climb, will increasingly have greater value and impact.

Look into it app makers!

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