Friday, 11 July 2014

SoundSight smart headphones work with your smartphone to livestream gigs!


SoundSight smart headphones work with your smartphone to livestream gigs!

Ever play a gig and wish you could share with friends and fans who can’t make it? The SoundSight wireless headphones could change things forever for musicians cramming in cameras, microphones and a whole lot more to make it possible to livestream exactly what’s going on around you, without needing to carry extra equipment around.

There are plenty of options available if all you want is wireless music streaming for your headphones, with cans like the Beats Studio Wireless well worth a look. SoundSight offers a whole lot more though, and we love the idea of being able to share exactly what you can see and hear with the world.

The cool-looking headphones pack in a tiny 1080p video camera and an impressive six microphones, letting you create your own music videos without even having to hold a camera. You can even rotate the lens on the outside of the earphones by 270 degrees, making sure you always get the perfect shots.

SoundSight isn’t just about recording everything you see and hear either, as it also crams in live streaming capabilities. The clever headphones work with a companion iOS and Android app, letting you edit video clips before you broadcast on social networks, and if the sounds you’ve captured don’t live up to expectations it’ll also be easy to add in music tracks or other audio.

The 800mAh battery delivers around four hours of use when recording, stretching up to 18 hours when you switch to just active noise cancellation instead. Don’t expect it to come cheap though, with pre-orders for SoundSight costing $349 (£204). That’s still a massive saving on the expected $499 (£291) retail price when SoundSight is officially launched next spring.

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